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Partnership with Clients

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Commercial Lease Services, Ltd. uses the Team approach to driver and transportation staffing in our industry. We feel strongly that in order to provide value, we need to bring more than just recruiting skills to each search, we bring a highly trained, Industry Savvy Team. Our Team develops a strategic partnership with our client's management group and other key personnel, to assess organizational needs and goals, and identify the best possible leadership solution.

The Team maintains close, personal contact with each client throughout the personnel search and staffing assignment. We communicate regularly regarding our progress in meeting your deadlines and needs.

Our Team relies upon extensive professional and personal networks across the Midwest to identify the best possible candidates.

Is your 3PL (3rd party logistics program) costing an arm and a leg? More expensive than you ever thought? Are you getting the most benefit for your dollar? If not, call CLS and we can put a program together that will put you in control of your transportation budget and allow you to focus on your core business. Call us today.

General Services

  • 24 hour emergency management service
  • Availability of leasing other traffic personnel (traffic managers, dispatchers, associated support personnel, etc.)
  • Preparation of driver manuals
  • Fuel and incentive performance programs
  • Consulting Services
  • On-going analysis of driver productivity

Administrative Functions

  • Complete payroll services, including payroll taxes and deductions
  • Expense advances and reimbursements
  • Maintaining all required driver qualification files
  • Assumption of all workers compensation liability
  • Administering benefit programs
  • Health, life, and dental insurance
  • Aflac supplemental coverage
  • 401-k plan
  • Budgeting and cost analysis
  • Labor summary reports

Payroll Outsourcing

  • Complete payroll processing, with or without leased employees
  • All associated payroll taxes
  • Competitive Workers Compensation rates
  • W-4 and W-2 management
  • Payroll reports customized to meet your needs

Labor Relations

  • Union and non-union operations
  • Negotiating union contracts
  • Handling of grievances
  • Resolution of contract disputes
  • Administration of disciplinary actions

Recruiting and Hiring

  • Handling of all driver recruiting and hiring issues based on customer requirements
  • Verification of driver experience, education and driving record
  • Assuring that drivers meet all state and federal standards
  • Customer approval before assignment of employee
  • Monitoring required DOT testing (i.e.: drug, alcohol & physicals)
  • Establishing and maintaining all required documentation
  • Training and indoctrination to carrier procedures
  • Designing programs to increase driver productivity, improve driver morale and reduce absenteeism

Safety and Productivity

  • Keep drivers up-to-date on DOT Rules and Regulations
  • Develop and maintain customer-specific written work rules
  • Computerized log audits

Safety Programs

  • Regularly scheduled safety meetings
  • Customized safety award programs
  • Monitoring the drivers' safety records annually
  • Prompt investigation of all accidents
  • Handling all driver disciplinary actions


Commercial can be of assistance in almost any type of transportation related problem. We have helped other customers solve issues such as:

  • Equipment leases
  • Dispatch procedures
  • Labor negotiations
  • Equipment utilization
  • Cost control procedures


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